About the Telecom Industry, In Our Lives and Behind The Scenes

  • Telecom employs nearly 1 million people
  • 91% of Americans own mobile phones
  • Up to 45% of workers telecommute
  • 6 billion mobile devices connect to the Internet
  • 74,000 new Telecom jobs by 2020
  • The average salary for telecom jobs is $62,000 a year
  • ICT pays 52 percent more than the national median wage
  • $280 million: Verizon’s annual investment in employee development
  • Telecom in our lives
  • Behind the Scenes

A fast-paced, growing field.

With more people around the globe making broadband, cable, wireless and wireline connections, telecom job opportunities are expanding. If you want to be part of an energetic and expanding workforce, think telecom.
Connecting everyone to everything.
We may not know it, but we engage with telecom all the time from home, work, and everywhere we go. It’s in play every time you:

  • Text or talk on your cell or smart phone
  • Wirelessly connect to the Internet
  • Play an Internet video game 
  • Connect your home thermostat to the smart grid

Telecom is your portal to the world.
Much more than phones, telecom includes voice, video and Internet communications intertwined with entertainment. By covering such a broad spectrum, telecom—and the people who work in it—make life better for us all by: 

  • Enabling distance education
  • Improving healthcare 
  • Increasing food supplies while using fewer resources
  • Tightening security at borders, shipyards and airports

What makes telecom work?   
Telecom’s infrastructure, networks and equipment make this possible. But they wouldn’t work without all the people in telecom jobs:

  • Technical professionals whoinstall, maintain and repairtelephone equipment and systems, fiber networks, wireless 

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