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Telecom Employers Spend MILLIONS on Employee Education

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There are several reasons to consider education and training

  • to prepare for a job in the telecom industry
  • to advance your career by staying up-to-date with current technology, or
  • to become more valuable to your current employer. 

Our career-relevant education and training picks include degree programs, training choices, and certifications that support jobs and prepare you for a VIVID Future. Check them out.


You might be asking yourself, “What are technical jobs?”  The answer is simple.  Technical workers are the engine that makes communication and entertainment equipment and services work.  And the best way to land and keep one of these jobs is to stay up-to-date with ever-changing technology. 
These education and training options will help.
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Sales & Service

20% of telecom employees have Sales & Service jobs. They work on the front lines to answer customer questions or help them purchase the right equipment. These jobs balance people skills with technical knowledge. Education and training will help position you for great pay and limitless opportunities.

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Operations Support

Operations Support workers ensure that things run smoothly.  They are energetic, detail oriented, analytical and have the flexibility to adapt to fast-moving situations. Good customer service skills and a technical orientation will make you a very attractive candidate.  These education and training options will help.
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Alternate Directions

There are other exciting telecom jobs that don’t fall neatly into Technical, Sales & Service or Operations Support roles. Or, you may want to:

  • Complete an advanced degree
  • Complete a high school diploma
  • Brush up on math and communication

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