Building Maintenance Technician

Building Maintenance Technician Job Responsibilities:
perform minor and major repair of all buildings and non-network related equipment
performs scheduled preventive maintenance on building mechanical equipment; inspect belts, check fluid levels, replace filters, etc.
calibrate and repair pneumatic systems.
replace broken windows; repair doors, door locks and closets
maintain records of scheduled maintenance procedures
operate computers which control and monitor mechanical equipment and utility systems
respond to emergency maintenance requests as required
repair electrical equipment and control circuits
repair refrigeration equipment
Skills Required:
safety awareness
ability to work with hand and power tools
fundamentals of electricity
good time management
fundamentals of electrical systems and equipment
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Special Requirements:
ability to lift more than 50 lbs.
ability to work nights and weekends
must be able to work independently with little supervision

Building Maintenance Technician

Job Type:
Operations Support
Training & Education:
High School Diploma (or equivalent)
Most employers prefer an Associates degree along with experience in the building trades field.
Other Titles:
Air Conditioning Specialist
Building Mechanic
Career Paths:
Pay Range:
25,000 - 60,008
Building Maintenance Technician Description:
As a Building Maintenance Technician, you will inspect, maintain, repair, and replace building mechanical and electrical systems. You might work with access control systems, building heating and refrigeration systems, fire detection and protection systems, and other building mechanical and electrical systems. If buildings are secure and comfortable, everyone else can focus on delivering innovative products, superior services and high levels of customer satisfaction. You'll need to be mechanically inclined, enjoy working with your hands and be a good troubleshooter to perform this job well. This is a position where overtime is often available.

Keeping things working properly.

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