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Business Systems Technician Job Responsibilities:
use computers to set up electronic systems and applications
configure customer computer hardware and software
keep detailed written records of your activities
work with customers to ensure that services and applications are working properly
provide customers with a clear explanation of how their products/services work
install and maintain routers and switches
work with centralized testing facility to troubleshoot and ensure services are working properly
interpret detailed engineering drawings
install modems, special circuit equipment, PABX business systems and applications to complete VOIP installations
use electronic test equipment such as cable analyzers and oscilloscopes
evaluate customers' communication needs and recommend additional products/services when appropriate
may plan, place, remove or repair inside and/or outside wiring
Skills Required:
high-level understanding of telephony and electronics
keyboard and Windows based software skills
advanced networking (VPN, ATM, SDH, MPLS, Wireless, SS7, SONET)
operate testing and repair equipment
DWDM timing and synchronization
ability to install/configure VOIP hardware/software applications
read circuit diagrams, engineering plans and maps
LAN/WAN networks and installation
anti-virus and IT security set-up and configuration
data systems (IP, LAN/WAN, optical, ethernet)
Special Requirements:
understanding of electricity as it relates to telecom
valid drivers license
ability to lift more than 50 lbs
ability to distinguish colors
working with customers
troubleshooting and problem solving
working with the latest technology

Business Systems Technician

Job Type:
Training & Education:
Associate's Degree
Pre-employment testing and certain certifications may be required. On-the-job and classroom training are provided.
Other Titles:
Customer Zone Tech II
Network Technician
Customer Premises Technician (mid-level to advanced)
Services Technician (mid-level to advanced)
Systems Technician
Pay Range:
23,764 - 64,194
Work Related Experience:
1-3 years
Did You Know:

"This job is never monotonous. And, I like the fact that I need to be creative and logical in order to solve the customer's problems." - Betty, Systems Technician at Verizon

Business Systems Technician Description:
A business systems technician or system tech job puts you on the front line, working mostly with business customers to install, test and maintain private and switched services and applications. Services and applications might include: telephone system equipment, data equipment, sub-rate and high speed digital, VoIP, DSL, VDSL, ISDN, T1 lines, audio and video services. Familiarity with these is typically required as part of a system tech job description. You might also work with sophisticated residential customers who require more technically specialized installations. You'll educate customers on functionality and ensure that services are installed and working properly. Systems technician jobs provide the opportunity to continually learn new things because the various equipment and technology you'll work with is always evolving. Most companies provide a company vehicle and overtime is typically available.

Business Systems Tech

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