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Cable Technician Job Responsibilities:
connect and cross-connect equipment and cables
join, repair and rearrange cable conductors in utility holes
install, inspect, test and repair telephone sets, radio loops, video pickups, microwave transmitters, etc.
use sophisticated electrical test instruments to locate and clear trouble on defective wire and/or fiber outside plant facilities
locate and repair air leaks in aerial, underground and/or buried cable
splice wires by twisting and soldering or by joining with connectors and splicing tools
remove outer sheath and insulation on newly installed cables and connectors before splicing
work aloft, climb ladders and poles, enter tunnels, buildings, trenches, crawl spaces and manholes
keep detailed records of your work
Skills Required:
interpret service orders and engineering work plans
working with hand tools
understanding of basic telephony and electricity
communication skills - written and oral
operate equipment for testing and repair
operate a laptop with MS Office programs
splicing cable
pole climbing
Special Requirements:
drivers licence
must be able to work independently
you'll need to be able to distinguish colors
must be able to lift more than 50 lbs
ability to work in confined spaces
troubleshooting and problem solving
interacting with people
working with your hands
working outdoors
puzzles and technical challenges

Cable Technician

Job Type:
Training & Education:
High School Diploma (or equivalent)
Prefer Associates degree in telecom or related field. You'll have to pass pre-employment tests but once you do, you'll receive classroom and on-the-job training
Other Titles:
Cable Splicer
Facility Technician
Splicing Technician
Facilities Technician
Pay Range:
23,000 - 50,000
Preferred Related Experience:
1-3 years
Did You Know:

Check out a video showing how to splice fiber in our Glossary under 'splice'.

Cable Technician Description:
A cable tech job is never boring. You’ll work in a Central Office or outdoors to repair, maintain, splice and test subscriber line, carrier plant and/or fiber optic plant. Also included in the cable technician job description: interpreting customer service orders, engineering work plans, technical manuals, etc. in order to properly join, repair, and rearrange cable conductors in aerial, buried and underground plant. You may connect and cross-connect equipment, and perform construction or outside plant-type work too. No previous experience is required for cable jobs if you're willing to start in an entry-level position but you will need a basic understanding of electricity. This is a great job for someone who wants to build a career in telecom and can lead to increasing levels of responsibility and technical expertise.
Cable Tech

Cable Tech

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