Central Office Technician

Central Office Technician Job Responsibilities:
install, maintain, test and repair complex switching, circuit, network and data/digital equipment
may work on data/digital or CPE equipment
survey and analyze alarms, test lines and trunks
may work on cell, circuit, radio and network terminal equipment
schedule and perform software back-ups and updates
remove or replace connections on wire distributing frames
perform turnup, acceptance, installation and provisioning of DS1 & DS3 (or higher)
advanced technicians may be asked to serve as SMEs for newer technicians or technical support
maintain batteries, rectifiers and fuse alarms in central office power plants
place, test and splice fiber optic cable
maintain detailed records/logs of daily activity
Skills Required:
interpret work schematics, circuit drawings and engineering specs
good oral communication skills
operate a laptop with MS Office programs
operate equipment for testing and repair
high-level understanding of telephony and electricity
data systems (IP, LAN/WAN, optical, ethernet)
DWDM timing and synchronization
switching and routing
IP addressing & routing
advanced networking (VPN, ATM, SDH, MPLS, Wireless, SS7, SONET)
Special Requirements:
may require weekend or evening work
driver's license
ability to lift up to 100 lbs
ability to distinguish colors
ability to work independently and be flexible as situations change
specialized technology
puzzles and technical challenges
working around sophisticated communications equipment
fixing things

Central Office Technician

Job Type:
Training & Education:
Associate's Degree
Prefer Bachelors in electronics or telecom and network equipment installation experience. Pre-employment tests and certain CISCO certifications may be required.
Other Titles:
Central Office Equipment Installation Technician (COEIT)
Technician II & III
Equipment Maintainer / Technician
Communications Technician
Pay Range:
23,764 - 66,196
Work Related Experience:
3-5 years
Preferred Related Experience:
5-7 years
Did You Know:

By 2013, Internet data traffic is expected to quintuple. COTs help ensure networks can handle that traffic.

Central Office Technician Description:
Work inside a central office (CO) to install/remove and maintain the complex switching and routing equipment used in voice, video, fiber optics and data telecommunications networks. COTs typically specialize in a certain technology or speciality area such as switch, toll or power. They may design voice and data communication systems, supervise the installation of the systems, or provide maintenance and other services after the systems are installed. Some companies distinguish between CO Techs that install from those who maintain the equipment. Either way, you'll need to be technically saavy and a good troubleshooter to perform this job well. This is considered an advanced position for which overtime is often available.

Central Office Technician 

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