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Network Engineer/OSP Job Responsibilities:
analyze switching, interconnection,and backbone facilities for technical problems
conduct project planning, cost analysis and vendor comparisons
manage and resolve network technology changes
develop detailed installation drawings and plans
understand frame relay, ATM, T1,DS3, SONET, ISDN and optical services
in addition to working in the network center, may also work in the field at customer sites
communicate complicated informaiton in ways others understand
Skills Required:
strong math and science
strong communication
advanced computer skills
project management
ability to visualize how something will look
predict likely outcomes
Special Requirements:
work as part of a team
analytical and detail oriented
imaginative and creative
must enjoy improving the way things work
discovering how things work
building things from scratch
problem solving

Network Engineer/OSP

Job Type:
Training & Education:
Bachelor's Degree
Bachelors degree in Engineering along with knowledge of copper and fiber-based design are a must.
Career Paths:
Pay Range:
60,000 - 80,000
Work Related Experience:
1-3 years
Did You Know:

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Network Engineer/OSP Description:
An OSP engineer job means you're the 'eyes and ears of the network'. In this management role, you'll be actively engaged in the planning, design and implementation of various network systems utilizing OSP Engineering, Central Office switching and Network transmission design. OSP engineer jobs are multifaceted- you'll oversee the deployment and enhancement of telecommunications-related hardware and services to keep a lifeline between customers and the people important to them. If there's a dropped call or severe weather condition, you help create a technology solution. You'll develop designs and as-built drawings, specifications, estimates, and reports to ensure that new installations are on-time and within budget. Check with individual employers for details about this type of job.

During ‘National Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day’, AT&T workers explain the OSP engineer job descriptionDuring ‘National Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day’, AT&T workers explain the OSP engineer job description

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