Facilities Specialist

Facilities Specialist Job Responsibilities:
provide outside plant and/or central office facilities assignments
prepare line and station transfers
assign new facilities for customer service requests
track and release service requests that were temporarily held due to a lack of network facilities
when changes are made to network facilities, keep databases updated to reflect those changes
analyze existing facilities data to determine capacity
file daily log sheets
reserve outside plant facilities for upcoming jobs
prepare, monitor and estimate actual and forecasted budgets
analyze schematic drawings
assign cable pairs and terminiation information into a database
Skills Required:
good computer skills
high degree of accuracy
forecasting and budgeting
Special Requirements:
must be able to work occassional nights and weekends
able to sit for long periods of time
detail oriented
ability to work independently without a lot of supervision
telecommunications infrastructure
working with computers and large amounts of data

Facilities Specialist

Job Type:
Operations Support
Training & Education:
High School Diploma (or equivalent)
An Associates degree and outside plant records experience will make you an attractive candiate. Classroom and on-the-job training are the norm.
Other Titles:
Facilities Administrator
Facilities Assignment Clerk
Plant Assigner
Facilities Coordinator
Line Assigner
Pay Range:
21,320 - 51,428
Preferred Related Experience:
1-3 years
Facilities Specialist Description:
You'll work inside an office to analyze outside plant and central office facility assignments. When a customer needs service, it's your job to make sure the company has the capacity to deliver. You'll interface by phone with technicians, peers in customer service and engineers to answer their questions and help them plan new service. You'll need to be good with databases and forecasting. If you like going the extra mile to make things happen, this role might be perfect for you.

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