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Field Supervisor Job Responsibilities:
monitor and manage technician productivity
coordinate and arrange for appropriate staffing
prepare reports on service calls and customer satisfaction
monitor technical quality
help improve deficiencies and build on the strengths of individual performers
receive and resolve complex or sensitive customer complaints and appeals
ensure that team receives the appropriate training required to be successful in their roles
ensure all employees have the proper tools, identification, uniforms, communications equipment
verify that work areas are safe
coaching and mentoring
working with a team

Field Supervisor

Job Type:
Training & Education:
High School Diploma (or equivalent)
Associates or bachelors in telecom or other technical focused field along with supervisory experience is preferred.
Career Paths:
Pay Range:
66,000 - 85,000
Work Related Experience:
3-5 years
Preferred Related Experience:
5-7 years
Field Supervisor Description:
In a field supervisor job, you’ll act in a fast paced management role. This means you will interact directly with technical field employees who install, troubleshoot, repair, and maintain telecommunications equipment. You'll serve as a coach and monitor the daily activities of your team to ensure they have the knowledge, tools and resources they need to be successful in providing the best service possible. If you’re interested in field supervisor jobs, know that you'll also talk with customers to make sure their needs are being met. Your responsibilities might include overseeing productivity, cost containment, time reporting, safety compliance, and facilitating employee evaluations. Teams typically include between 4-8 technicians. For a more detailed field supervisor job description you'll need to check with individual employers because this job can vary greatly from company to company.

 Field Supervisors coach teams at a job site and in the office

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