Load Specialist

Load Specialist Job Responsibilities:
assist with development of workforce contingency plans
work across multiple departments to verify delivery dates, install dates, etc.
read and analyize work orders and repair tickets
work with Distpatchers to dispatch appropriate technicians
maintain confidential personnel records and files
maintain accurate databases
ensure that services are completed on time
Skills Required:
strong computer and database skills
read schematics and design drawings
strong communication skills
high degree of accuracy
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Special Requirements:
ability to sit for extended periods of time
you may be asekd to work nights and weekends
you may be required to wear a pager
you'll need to be good at managing your own time

Load Specialist

Job Type:
Operations Support
Training & Education:
High School Diploma (or equivalent)
Most employers prefer an Associates degree in telecom along with related experience,.
Other Titles:
Force Management Specialist
Career Paths:
Pay Range:
22,412 - 53,638
Work Related Experience:
1-3 years
Load Specialist Description:
Your job would essentially be shuffling technicians to where they need to be. You'll use computers to collect and analyze employee force levels as they related to work volume. You'll assess present and planned work schedules to make sure that an organization has the right amount of employees to complete the work that's on the schedule. When work schedules and employee levels don't match up, you'll make recommendations for resolving the discrepencies in order to meet customer demand. You'll need to be good at estimating how long a job should take to complete and then assign the work to available technicians. You might work with outside contractors when the needs of the business dictate additional temporary personnel.

 Sophisticated software allows Load Specialists to keep installations and service calls running smoothly 

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