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Manager - Consumer Sales & Service Job Responsibilities:
manage day to day center operations
cultivate and sustain a high performing work environment
maximize call center investment in technology
build, manage and leverage a diverse workforce
provide opportunities for ongoing professional development and continuous improvement
develop and align team goals with organizational objectives
devlop and implement a plan to meet service and sales objectives
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Manager - Consumer Sales & Service

Job Type:
Sales & Service
Training & Education:
Bachelor's Degree
An MBA is preferred.
Career Paths:
Commission Eligible:
Pay Range:
46,900 - 97,300
Work Related Experience:
3-5 years
Preferred Related Experience:
5-7 years
Manager - Consumer Sales & Service Description:
Strong business and management skills are the top requirements in the sales manager job description. Working in a fast-paced call center environment, you'll manage and direct all aspects of call center operations. You'll implement and review call center policies and procedures and develop and monitor quotas for service volume and timeliness. Because most call centers are considered part of the revenue generating channel, a call center manager must be financially astute and must show that the call center is more than a cost center. Sales manager jobs may include managing multiple locations. See individual employers for details about sales manager jobs.

Coaching is an important aspect of this position

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