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Network Operations Center Technician Job Responsibilities:
field calls from external customers or technicians in the field regarding service
sit at a desk and use a pc to remotely test circuits
perform test procedures and analyze results to isolate and determine type of service problem
assist clients and technicians with restoration of service
manage and coordinate work efforts by interfacing with several work groups
escalate service issues when necessary
interface with customers to keep them informed of status of service
assign orders and verify that designs are technically correct
perform remote software cross-connects to establish service
connect customer lines with central office equipment
train less experienced technicians
maintain records on routing, screening, billing and trunking information
interpret technical documents, manuals, circuit descriptions and schematic drawings
schedule/perform software back-up and update procedures
work with other groups to secure network inventory and make assignments when necessary
Skills Required:
people skills
advanced networking (VPN, ATM, SDH, MPLS, Wireless, SS7, SONET)
advanced understanding of telephony and digital technology
operate equipment for testing and repair
DWDM timing and synchronization
advanced switching and routing
advanced computer
ability to read complex engineering diagrams and schematics
IP addressing & routing
technical math
Special Requirements:
able to sit for long periods of time
must be detail oriented and a problem solver
may be required to work evenings and weekends
able to visualize a customer location
driver's license
working indoors
specialized technology
working with customers

Network Operations Center Technician

Job Type:
Training & Education:
Associate's Degree
Bachelors degree in telecom or other technical field is preferred. Pre-employment tests and certifications may be required.
Other Titles:
Technician III
Network Operations Technician
Complex Translations Technician
Customer Communications Technician
Pay Range:
23,764 - 66,196
Work Experience:
3-5 years
Preferred Related Experience:
5-7 years
Did You Know:

"The best thing about my job is the flexibility of managing my own time and also you are always learning something new." - Joe, Network Tech

Network Operations Center Technician Description:
A network technician job is an advanced technical position working inside a Network Operations Center (NOC) to remotely configure, manage and troubleshoot the network and central offices for trouble. These techs typically sit at a desk and use a PC to remotely test circuits while fielding calls from customers regarding service. These calls are most often from technicians in the field who are having trouble with installation or repair of central office facilities. Employees in network tech jobs perform test procedures and analyze test results to isolate and determine the type of service problem at hand. Then they assist in restoration of service. Network tech job descriptions include the opportunity to continually learn new things because the equipment and technology you'll work with continuously evolves. Overtime is typically available.
Network Operations Center Tech

Network Operations Center Tech

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