Operator Job Responsibilities:
provide assistance to callers requesting business, residence, and government telephone numbers
take emergency calls and connect customer to proper authorities
provide addresses upon request
help customers place collect, person-to-person, calling card, and bill-to-third number calls
provide reports to customers on calls that were disconnected or for changed numbers
help people who are unable to dial on their own
record billing data when necessary for credit
refer equipment trouble, call irregularities and inaccuracies to supervisor
Skills Required:
work with databases
strong oral communication
high level of professionalism
time management
basic computer and keyboarding
Special Requirements:
may be required to work nights and weekends
you need to be able to sit for long periods of time
you need to be able to maintain confidential information
you've got to enjoy a fast paced environment
you'll wear a headset
helping people
working with databases
working indoors


Job Type:
Operations Support
Training & Education:
High School Diploma (or equivalent)
You must pass a pre-employment test to become an Operator. Once that happens, you'll receive classroom and on-the-job training.
Other Titles:
Information Services Assistant
Commission Eligible:
Pay Range:
13,728 - 49,478
Preferred Related Experience:
1-3 years
Did You Know:

Many companies are looking for Operators who are bi-lingual. If you are, this will definitely make you an attractive candidate.

Operator Description:
You'll work in a call center environment to assist customers who want to place collect, person to person, calling card and third party billing calls. You'll also respond to inquiries or complaints from customers and help them resolve their issues by providing technical assistance. Or, if a technical issue is beyond your skill set, you'll refer them to the right department. Sometimes calls are dropped meaning that the customer is owed a credit. In that case, you'll record billing data. You'll need to be proactive and extremely professional while helping people find the information they are looking for. This is a great job for someone just starting out in telecom and can lead to increasing levels of responsibility and expertise.



She’s got answers. "Things change so much you are always learning. It seems like a new job every six months." - Jeanie, Operator at Verizon

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