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Outside Plant Technician Job Responsibilities:
read and interpret engineering plans
operate construction equipment
lay cable, conduit and fiber interduct
keep detailed record of work activity
operate hydraulic aerial lifts and ladders mounted to trucks
unreel, pull and string wire and cable from pole to pole
locate and mark path and depth of underground cables, wires and drops
string and repair telephone and television cable, including fiber optic and other equipment for transmitting messages or television programming
install poles and place wires or cables
Skills Required:
work with hand tools
interpret service orders and engineering work plans
understand basic telephony and electricity
operate construction equipment and machinery
pole climbing
color code
cable and fiber optic fault location
splicing cables
Special Requirements:
must be able to work nights and weekends
must have a valid driver's license - CDL preferred
you need to be able to work from high places
you'll work with others so being a team player is important
working with your hands
working outdoors
working with construction equipment

Outside Plant Technician

Job Type:
Training & Education:
High School Diploma (or equivalent)
Prefer Associates degree in telecom or related field. You'll need to pass pre-employment tests but once you do, you'll receive classroom and on-the job training
Other Titles:
Pay Range:
24,960 - 54,106
Work Related Experience:
1-3 years
Outside Plant Technician Description:
An Outside Plant Technician (or Lineman job) is perfect if you like working with your hands. Lineman jobs include placing, rearranging and removing poles, lines, open wire, drop and block wire. You'll work with cables and conduit to perform maintenance on outside plant equipment. You might also be called upon to work on cellar equipment or cell towers. As a lineman, you’ll install lines and cables (including fiber) using construction equipment to dig holes and bury cables. Most often, you'll work outside as part of a team performing installation, maintenance and repair on facilities that start from outside the Central Office (CO) and stop at the terminal or at a customer's building. You'll also inspect previously installed infrastructure to make sure it's working properly. In some companies, the Outside Plant Tech/ lineman job description includes the activities of Cable and IM&R Techs too. Overtime is typically available.
Outside Plant Technician

Outside Plant Technician

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