Retail Cashier

Retail Cashier Job Responsibilities:
maintain lists of various products and services sold each day
greet customers
identify the price of goods and services
add proper pricing tags to products and accessories
assist with in-store merchandising
maximize sales profitability by ensuring that you've charged a customer appropriately and dispensing the correct change
issue receipts and bag purchased merchandise
process returns
monitor checkout stations to ensure there is adequate cash available
Skills Required:
operate personal computer, wireless equipment, copier and fax machine
superior customer service
strong communication skills
ability to count change
basic math to calculate pricing packages
basic computer and keyboarding
Special Requirements:
may be required to work nights or weekends
positive attitude
high degree of personal integrity
ability to stand for long periods of time
talking with people
fast-paced work environment

Retail Cashier

Job Type:
Sales & Service
Training & Education:
High School Diploma (or equivalent)
Pre-employment testing is often required. Associates degree, familiarity with wireless technology and telephony preferred. Training is typically provided.
Pay Range:
16,120 - 30,000
Work Related Experience:
1-3 years
Did You Know:

The number of retail jobs will continue to increase over the coming years.

Retail Cashier Description:
This entry-level position is a great place to get your start in telecom. A high school diploma is all you need to start working in a comfortable retail environment at a stand-alone or retail kiosk. You'll be the final stop in a customer's shopping experience so your job is incredibly important and really sets the tone for a customer wanting to return. This position typically involves the use of electronic scanners and cash registers to process credit or debit card transactions, validate checks and count change. If you're interested in a retail career, this is a great way to begin working in this exciting industry.

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