Specialized Technology Technician

Specialized Technology Technician Job Responsibilities:
use computers to set up electronic systems and applications
configure customer computer hardware and software
keep detailed written records of your activities
work with customers to ensure that services and applications are working properly
evaluate customers' communication needs and recommend additional products and services
provide customers with a clear explanation of how their products/services work
plan and install inside wiring
place, remove or repair inside and/or outside wiring
work with centralized testing facility to troubleshoot and ensure services are working properly
interpret service orders
Skills Required:
understand basic telephony and electronics
basic keyboard and Windows based software skills
anti-virus security set-up and configuration
operate testing and repair equipment
work with hand tools
home office computer networking
data systems and LANs
digital technology
VOIP, video and IPTV
Special Requirements:
driver's license
ability to think abstractly
ability to distinguish colors and audible tones
high degree of initiative and independence
may require that you work overtime, weekends and holidays
working independently
teaching customers about how technology works
puzzles and technical challenges
working with the latest communications technology

Specialized Technology Technician

Job Type:
Training & Education:
High School Diploma (or equivalent)
Prefer Assocates degree in electronics or telecom. You'll need to pass pre-employment tests but once you do, you'll receive classroom and on-the-job training.
Other Titles:
Services Technician
Broadband Technician
Premises Technician
Multi-Media Technician
Pay Range:
24,000 - 64,000
Work Related Experience:
1-3 years
Did You Know:

"Our job entails a lot of freedom. I perform a job the way I want to, with no one looking over my shoulder." - Zachary, AT&T Premises Technician

Specialized Technology Technician Description:
You'll work inside homes and offices to install and service integrated digital TV, high speed Internet and voice services. This job includes everything from educating customers on how products and services work, to running cable and wiring, and verifying that the services you installed are working properly. You might also make service calls when a customer's services are down or need to be adjusted. You're the technician who connects customers to the services they need so good customer service skills are a must. You'll have a lot of independence, typically work on your own and will most often drive a company vehicle. Overtime is typically available.

Specialized Technology Technician

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