Super Technician

Super Technician Job Responsibilities:
correct customer service issues that have defied routine troubleshooting
serve as an subject-matter-expert for newer technicians or technical support
install and configure ADSL/SHDSL services
design, configure and implement LAN/WAN networks
instill customer loyalty through exemplary service and positive interpersonal communication
troubleshoot complex business customers' voice, Data/VoIP systems or equipment such as LAN/WAN, structured wiring, data equipment and inter-networking
use electronic test equipment such as cable analyzers, oscilloscopes to diagnose system and equipment problems
refer to vendor equipment documentation for problem resolution
maintain detailed records/logs of daily activity
may install, maintain, test and evaluate performance of prototype equipment
work on high capacity lines (T1 and above)
Skills Required:
IP addressing & routing
ability to install/configure VOIP hardware/software applications
advanced computer
good verbal and written communication
interpret work schematics, circuit drawings and engineering specs
system and performance testing
understanding of telephony and electricity
advanced networking (VPN, ATM, SDH, MPLS, Wireless, SS7, SONET)
DWDM timing and synchronization
Special Requirements:
ability to work independently and be flexible as situations change
ability to distinguish colors and lift up to 100 lbs
ability to think abstractly as well as in linear and logical terms
valid drivers license
may require weekend or evening work
puzzles and technical challenges
specialized technology
working with customers

Super Technician

Job Type:
Training & Education:
Associate's Degree
Prefer Bachelors in electronics or telecom and LAN/WAN and VOIP experience. Pre-employment tests and CISCO certifications may be required.
Other Titles:
Customer Data Technician
Data Systems Technician
Business Services Tech III
Customer Service Specialist (Advanced)
Premises Technician (Advanced)
Pay Range:
47,346 - 70,980
Work Related Experience:
3-5 years
Preferred Related Experience:
5-7 years
Did You Know:

This job sometimes puts you in unique situations, like inside a Titan missile site when the missiles are being decommissioned or to mountain peaks to work on phone sites for telescopes.

Super Technician Description:
This is an advanced technical role where you would work both indoors and out to solve the most complex business customers' voice, video and data issues. Super Techs are called upon for their subject-matter-expertise to correct complex service issues that have been escallated. Their skills go beyond routine troubleshooting. You'll work with switches, cell, CPE, LAN/WAN, structured wiring, data equipment and inter-networking systems and equipment.You typically drive a company vechicle and work alone so you have the freedom to manage your day. The nature of this job means no two days are alike so you'll need to constantly coming up with new solutions to help customers resolve their communications service issues. Overtime is typically available

Super Tech

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