Technical Support Representative I

Technical Support Representative I Job Responsibilities:
answer incoming customer calls and provide assistance for registration, email creation, physical line signal testing, modem/filter set-up, plus email, browser, and modem troubleshooting
interact and coordinate with other departments to resolve customer issues
determine further action or final completion on customer cases received.
may be asked to sell additional products or services
test, analyze and clear customer reported trouble
make notations via computer terminal
prepare reports and process paperwork
interpret customer records and repair tickets
escallate customer trouble issues when appropriate
Skills Required:
basic computer operations including Internet and email protocols, connectivity and understanding of Internet Networking
pc and hardware troubleshooting
strong customer service skills
solid problem solving skills with proficient attention to detail
pc and networking expertise
solid communication skills
office and home networking
router configuration
strong technical understanding of voice, video and data
Internet, networking and email protocols
Special Requirements:
ability to sit in front of computer for prolonged periods of time
you will wear a headset
ability to multitask between systems
analytical thinker with technical aptitude
ability to quickly adapt to change
specialized technology
helping people
working with customers

Technical Support Representative I

Job Type:
Operations Support
Training & Education:
High School Diploma (or equivalent)
Pre-employment tests are required. Employers prerfer Associates degrees along with prior sales and technical support experience.
Other Titles:
Consumer Technical Specialist
Repair Associate
Customer Specialist
Customer Assistant
Switch Consultant
Pay Range:
21,000 - 40,000
Work Related Experience:
1-3 years
Preferred Related Experience:
1-3 years
Did You Know:

"Like banking services or water or electricity, you need Internet connection. That gives TSRs job security." - Paul, Technical Support Representative, AT&T

Technical Support Representative I Description:
Work in a fast-paced call center (or sometimes remote) environment to take incoming technical calls from customers. You'll listen then analyze, troubleshoot and resolve technical issues for voice, internet or data installation and connection issues. You may remotely configure and troubleshoot client's equipment or simply educate customers. In the event the issue cannot be resolved, you would escallate the call to the next tier of support or arrange dates, times & access arrangements for a service call. Some companies also ask their Tech Support employees to sell additional services. You'll utilize multiple computers and databases to record of the results of your interactions. This is a position with plenty of growth potential.

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