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The reasons to get an education are simple:

  • Education creates career options
  • Potential to earn more money
  • Become more valuable to your employer

There was a time when adults, especially working adults, were out of place if they decided to return to school.  Fortunately, this isn't true today.
Check out these resources designed to answer your questions about going back to school or getting started on your education journey.

Recommended Reading Resources

Tools and Ideas

Help for Those Who Want to Go To School

The world of colleges and universities can be confusing. We’ve built a kind of consumers guide called Savvy Strategies for Returning to School to help you sort it all out.  Along with the advice, be sure to use the Glossary of Educational Terms found at the end of the guide.  
KnowHowToGo is another good resource for people in high school who are thinking about college. It includes animated camputs tours, student blogs and info about what courses you should be taking as a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. 

Learning Counts

You've done a lot in your life - and you've learned a lot along the way which means a degree or certificate may be closer than you think. Check out Learning Counts to see if you can get credit for what you already know. This will not only save you money, but also the time it will take to earn a credential.    

Don't Go It Alone

People are using the Internet to talk about going back to school and Social Networking is a great way to uncover additional strategies. See what they are saying on these popular social networking sites: 
     Back to College: articles and forums for adult learners
     Nontraditional students Facebook page          
     Yahoo group for non-traditional students

Expand Your Learning

Take online courses from top universities in engineering, electronics and more at, or Many of them are free. 

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