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Education for your Technical Telecom Career

Are you:

  • Working in a technical job and want to move ahead?
  • Already in telecom, but want a more technically-focused job?  
  • Looking at telecom and know that your best fit is in a technical role?

Whatever your situation, there are Education and Training options that will meet your needs. Click on a category and we'll help you find the program that’s right for you.  

Technical DEGREES?


Advanced-level technical jobs often require certifications. Some of the more popular certifications are the various CISCO certifications, CWNA and CET. The best place to learn about these certifications is

  • On the CISCO  website
  • Certified Wireless Professional  website or the
  • International Society of Electronics Technicians  site. 

A significant number of the programs listed here will help you prepare for certification tests. Be sure to check with individual employers for information about which certifications are most valued for the job you want.    

Technical TRAINING?

You’ll find training and degree programs listed here. Know that the degree programs aren’t regionally accredited so their credits aren’t always transferable between schools.

These options may be just right if you’re not concerned about switching schools, simply want to brush-up your skills, aren’t interested in earning a degree or if you are exploring telecom and only want to take a couple of courses.

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