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The education and training choices featured here are career-relevant for telecom and focused on the education you need to work in - technical, sales & service, or operations support jobs.

  • There are options for Degrees, Training, and Certifications.
  • Both online and on-campus programs are included.
  • Education programs are for-credit and can link to degree completion
  • Provided by regionally accredited institutions. Translation - coursework taken from regionally accredited colleges and universities is more readily transferrable than that taken from schools that are not regionally accredited. In cases where institutions aren't regionally accredited, their programs are listed as 'Training'.
  • The Alternate Directions section includes information about,
    • Preparing for other functional telecom jobs like human resources, marketing, finance, engineering or accounting
    • Completing advanced telecom-focused degrees
    • Completing a high school diploma
    • Improving basic skills and "brushing up"

Start by using the VIVID Job Match. Once you have an idea of where you fit; then look for education and training that will help get you there.

We don't guarantee the content in these programs with the exception of NACTEL programs but rather offer them as options. Check them out on your own to make sure they will meet your individual needs. In addition, know that this list isn't exhaustive.

Choosing the right program is a BIG decision and has the potential to change your life. Take your time. Do some research. Ask questions.